Rachel Sender invites fourteen Rotterdam-based illustrators to take an unconventional journey through the city’s most popular and overlooked areas, resulting in a colourful collection of illustrated personal stories. Be it rousing commentary on the burgeoning gentrification of neighbourhoods, nostalgic yearnings or a poetic declaration of love for Rotterdam’s surrounding green spaces, the illustrators’ idiosyncratic creations for the book pay homage to the city while addressing the power that illustration holds in unearthing memories, triggering emotional undercurrents and bringing communities together through evocative imagery and compelling storytelling.

The first 50 orders are eligible for a free postcard pack containing 14 A6 prints featuring a selection of illustrations from the book.

All texts appear in English and Dutch.

92 pages
Printed in full colour
32,5cm high x 24 cm wide
120 gr offset paper
Hard cover Wibalin (textured paper
that feels like a textile sketchbook)

ISBN 9789090359533

Participating illustrators 

Melcher Oosterman
Floor Milou Smit
Conform Cox
Carmen José
Nino Maissouradze
Xaviera Altena
Rachel Sender
Soña Lee
Laura Hopmans
Lucia Lenders
Michael van Kekem
Cesare Davolio
Masha Krasnova- Shabaeva
Johan Kleinjan

Introduction texts by Marianne Klerk
and Rachel Sender

Graphic Design by Koehorst in ‘t Veld
and Rachel Sender