Photocredits: Lecture for the first year art university students at Papiercafé. Photo by Carolin Ludwig.

  • “Defining contemporary illustration and decolonizing its studies”
    For ARTEZ BA students
    November 2021, ARTEZ, Zwolle, NL
  • “My practice: between illustration and social practice”
    For Illustration Animation BA students
    November 2020,Kingston University, London, UK
  • “Publishing as art practice”
    ruruhaus conversations KW36
    September 2020, documenta fifteen Kassel, DE
  • “Lines of movement”
    Under the mango tree, gathering of unlearning
    February 2020, Shantiniketan, IN
  • “Lines of movement”
    Dissident pedagogy, on queering education
    October 2019, Symposium Nijmegen, NL
  • “Formats of Care” with Sepake Angiama
    Convening between Vienna and Berlin
    June 2019, Floating University Berlin, DE
  • “Visual critical thinking”
    Conversas #147
    May 2019, Niffo Galerie Rotterdam, NL
  • “Living Archives” with Marijke Appelman
    Conversations at the Research Station
    April 2019, wdka Rotterdam, NL
  • “Feminist reading, potato peeling!”
    Festival School Fundamental
    March 2019, Bauhaus Dessau, DE
  • “Perspectives and developments of student initiatives”
    Rundgang Symposium
    July 2018, Kunsthochschule Kassel, DE
  • “Argamasa” with Marina Rengel and Mariana Heredia
    En femenino, MAV Madrid
    June 2018, Mula fest Madrid, ES