Photocredits: Zine workshop for the first year art university students at Papiercafé. Photo by Carolin Ludwig.

Carmen José combines her practice as visual artist with education/mediation/facilitation in workshops with children, teenagers and adults testing the borders in between the fields of art and visual communication. Learning together through collective experimentation and critical thinking.

Commissioned for

AnEducation documenta14 (GE), Bauhaus Dessau Fundamental Festival (DE), B-Platform Seoul (SK), Museum Friedericianum (GE), Instituto Cervantes Utrecht (NL) Rotopol (GE), Buchkinderwerkstatt (GE), Kunsthochschule Kassel (GE), DRA e.V. (GE), Allerhand e.V. (GE), Sandwich Mixto (SP), Escuela de Arte Zíjara (SP), CurArte Hospital 12 de Octubre (SP), B.A.D. Foundation (NL)


  • “Pluri-lingual poem writing and drawing”
  • “Lines of movement” Questioning the reproduction of visual stereotypes through movement exercises
  • Graphic storytelling
  • Drawing words (on visual language)
  • Critical visual thinking
  • Scrible & Sketch
  • Zines (self-publishing) Workshop
  • Cities and signs
  • Pictogram making and re-making


  • “Distributed Throat” with Clara Balaguer for ARTEZ BEAR May 2023
  • “Defining contemporary illustration and decolonizing its studies”
    For ARTEZ BA students
    November 2021, ARTEZ, Zwolle, NL
  • “My practice: between illustration and social practice”
    For Illustration Animation BA students
    November 2020,Kingston University, London, UK
  • “Publishing as art practice”
    ruruhaus conversations KW36
    September 2020, documenta fifteen Kassel, DE
  • “Lines of movement”
    Under the mango tree, gathering of unlearning
    February 2020, Shantiniketan, IN
  • “Lines of movement”
    Dissident pedagogy, on queering education
    October 2019, Symposium Nijmegen, NL
  • “Formats of Care” with Sepake Angiama
    Convening between Vienna and Berlin
    June 2019, Floating University Berlin, DE
  • “Visual critical thinking”
    Conversas #147
    May 2019, Niffo Galerie Rotterdam, NL
  • “Living Archives” with Marijke Appelman
    Conversations at the Research Station
    April 2019, wdka Rotterdam, NL
  • “Feminist reading, potato peeling!”
    Festival School Fundamental
    March 2019, Bauhaus Dessau, DE
  • “Perspectives and developments of student initiatives”
    Rundgang Symposium
    July 2018, Kunsthochschule Kassel, DE
  • “Argamasa” with Marina Rengel and Mariana Heredia
    En femenino, MAV Madrid
    June 2018, Mula fest Madrid, ES