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Rotterdam Illustrators

Feministas en Holanda

and I would not be the person I am today without my inspiring and supportive friends:

Helena Mateos Cuadrado – doctor in chemistry and more

Edén Barrena – visual artist and more

Gabriela Kükelhahn – photographer, designer, activist and more

Merve Kiliçer – artist and more

Ulufer Çelik – artist and more

Meenakshi Thirukode/ Instituting Otherwise – alternate educator, feminist and more

Lila Athanasiadou – writer and researcher and more

Irene Martínez-Quintanilla Rubio – asesora de crianza, co-directora de Espacio Babú and more

Julia Quintanilla – dancer, model and more

Kathi Seeman – photographer, editorial designer, coordinator, activist and more

Marina Rengel – artist, designer, activist and more

Mariana Heredia/ Kardamom Collages – artist, collagist and more

Bobby Sayers – artist, poet, lecturer, producer and more

Ulufer Çelik – artist and more

Rita Fürstenau – illustrator, publisher and more

Gita Wikullil – designer, art material shop owner and more

Milena Albiez – supervision, coaching, design and more

Carmen Rubio García – writer and more

Jose Quintanilla/ Taller Digigráfico – photographer, artist, printer and more

Lili Ullrich – artist, performer and more

Yasmim Flores – visual artist, performer, art educator and more

Kiin/ Kirsten C. Geisser & Ines C. Geisser – sisters, artists, animators, illustrators and more

Lea Heinrich – illustrator, teacher and more

Stefhany Lozano – artist, illustrator, embrodery artist and more

Anna Pauline Franz – photographer and more